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AirSource The original virtual pilot union. Every day there are pilot shortages throughout the world. This is where AirSource steps in and keeps the planes flying. Hundreds of VAs have contracts with AirSource. Facebook Group...  
Bom Sucesso Virtual Virtual flying club for pilots. There are no assigned or compulsory flights, and each pilot can fly the hours they want. No defined routes, you fly anywhere and with the aircraft you want and when you want.
CrazyCreatives Useful modules and skins for the phpVMS virtual airline system (see below). These include Download Center, Tour Center, CC Eevent Center and others. Payware.
CIX VFR Club The CIX VFR Club is a group of MSFS enthusiasts who enjoy flying realistic simulated light aircraft, chiefly around the United Kingdom, within an on-line community. Regular 'meets' and flights. Gallery, downloads and lots more.
DAFSIM DAFSIMPilot and controller client and server software for VAs. All pilots can see each other whatever their simulator. DafWings is the "Pilot" software. DafRadar is the ATC software. DGI is a Server Client for the Admin to manage members. For FS9, FSX, P3Dv4, XP11.
Fly A comprehensive, world-wide virtual aviation network allowing pilots maximum flexibility to fly everything from realistic air carrier routes to bush flying. Any aircraft, any airline, any route. Some military options.
FSAirlines Manage your virtual airline on FSAirlines. The FSAirlines Flight Tracker connects your flight simulator with the online crew-center. Each flight has a direct impact on your virtual airline statistics.
phpVMS phpVMS is a popular, free, VA software, with support for various ACARS applications (kACARS, FSACARS, etc.). AJAX-driven administration panel, with financial reports, schedule management and other features for realistic VA ops.
smartCARS The smartCARS system from TFDi is flight tracking software usually purchased by virtual airline administrators and given to pilots to allow the recording and filing of their flights. Premium version...
TPC- The
Pilot Club
We share our passion for aviation by doing scheduled and unscheduled group flights on VATSIM. Our goal is to engage in a helpful discussion about flightsim topics, learn from each other, and share experiences. 
UK Virtual A Community Aviation Group founded back in 2006 as a casual flying group that has gone from strength to strength. We offer our members ultimate flexibility about where they fly, and discounts on products. Includes UK Virtual Cadet Club.
Vamsys Take your Virtual Airline to the next level with the Virtual Airline Management System. We provide the leading management system for Virtual Airlines - whether they are big or small, vAMSYS is trusted by hundreds of VAs to provide services to tens of thousands of pilots.
Virtual Airlines A-D
Aerocargo Internacional A new concept in virtual cargo airlines. You are NOT required to make a reservation or use a specific plane when you fly with us. Choose your own “virtual career” at your own pace. An official VATSIM cargo airline since 2014.
Air Algérie Virtual Simulating the real life operations using IVAO network, Virtual Air Algérie offers you a great experience with the highest degree of realism. You can choose any of the real life flights from our timetable or create your own.
Air France/KLM VA A virtual Air France and KLM flying Boeings, Airbus, Concorde and many more. We are a group of flight simulation enthusiasts who fly Air France/KLM and its alliance partners' routes.
AirWeGo AirWeGo pride themselves in welcoming member pilots of every level. Our VA is focused on fun and enjoyment of Flight Simulation offering a suite of comprehensive schedules and tours. New URL.
Alaska Adventures Alaska Adventures (AKA) operates Passenger, Cargo, Charter flights, and Heli drops. We use some of the best freeware and payware planes. Based in Anchorage, Alaska with hubs in Anchorage, Cold Bay, Fairbanks, Juneau.
Allegiant Virtual Allegiant Virtual is a non-profit VA for the entertainment of flight simulation enthusiasts of X-Plane, Prepar3d and MSFS. Members can experience, learn, and have fun while conducting basic to advanced piloting skills .
American Airlines Virtual American Airlines Virtual was founded by a group of dedicated virtual pilots in 2002 and operates passenger flights worldwide. Our routes follow the real AA and American Eagles domestic and international schedules.
American Virtual American Virtual Airlines is a group of hobbyists who enjoy flight simulator and American Airlines. We are a community of like-minded pilots who enjoy spending time together flying online, and sharing flight experiences.
Bluegrass Airlines Bluegrass aim to recreate flying the way it used to the seat of your pants! Various divisions based in Nicholasville, KY. or the Caribbean fly either light single props or DC-3's & DC-6's.
British Airways Virtual Experience the excitement of simulating the "World's Favourite Airline". Fly over 1,670 flights with our highly advanced automated Crew System and Pilot services. Worldwide flights including UK Domestic, European, long-haul.
Brussels Airlines Vrtual Started this year (2015) after rising from the foundations of the popular and award-winning Sabena VA Airlines Group. Flying to destinations in West and Eastern Europe and West Africa.
Buffalo Airways Virtual Inspired by the TV show 'Ice Pilots NWT' and our love of vintage aircraft we welcome you to Buffalo Airways Virtual. The official VA partner of the real world Buffalo Airways Ltd through our strong partnership with them.
Canadian Xpress A 'free flying policy' at Canadian Xpress lets pilots fly virtually anywhere with aircraft ranging from small props, helicopters & regional jets, up to the big iron. Pilot participation is the key here and we host over 100 events per year.
Condor Virtual Airline Hier erfahrt ihr alles über Condor Virtual. Was ihr machen masst nachdem ihr euch angemeldet habt, und welche Optionen ihr bei welchem Rang habt. Also, bevor ihr euch bei uns anmeldet lest euch diese Sektionen gut durch.
DC-3 Airways Offers 148 flights to fifty destinations in New England, including services to the Newark Air Terminal. Also operations in Canada, Europe and Australia. Illustrated 'Flying the DC-3' tutorial.
Delta Virtual Airlines Established in 2003, we are flight sim enthusiasts who fly Delta Air Lines and its alliance partners' routes. If you are after a serious VA, designed for the experienced pilot and the novice (and all in between!) we welcome you.