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Links to Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
Accu-Feel by A2A Simulations Enhances sound and some flying effects. Adapts for all aircraft - default and third-party Adds dynamic wind, wheel, rumble and cabin sounds, along with stall buffeting and sounds. For FSX and P3D.
Addit! Pro (ByteForge) Comprehensive addon manager for all versions of MSFS and for P3D. Easily install, manage and remove aircraft, adventures, flights, gauges, missions, panels, AI, scenery, sounds, and more. Easily edit CFG files.
AirWrench (Mudpond) AirWrench is an automated editor designed to create and tune-up flight dynamics files for fixed wing aircraft in MSFS and CFS. Other utilities from author include FSX AI Formation Flight and development tools.
EditVoicePack Allows you to enhance the ATC speech engine included in FSX & P3D. ATC will be able to use standard ICAO phrases, speak faster, know more call-signs, aircraft types and airport names. Low cost payware.
FSPS FSPS offer a range of low cost utilities to tweak, boost and enhance FSX, FS9 and P3D and the computer's CPU. Also cockpit sounds, runway effects, passenger announcements and other software. On-line store.

FlightSim Tools

AI Optimizer is a tool for adjusting levels of detail of FSX & FS9 aircraft. Texture Doctor, a tool for converting FS textures. Addon Converter X, will make add-ons compatible. Airport Wizard. Contrails Pro for FS9 and FSX.
FS Flight
FS Flight Keeper combines six programs in one: logbook, aircraft black box, flight weather planning tool, flight information system (ACARS), GPWS and cockpit sounds enhancement. Check out the screenshots.
FS-FlightControl FS-FlightControl is a touch optimized Windows app instructor station for P3D & FSX. Android and iOS apps also. Easy positioning at any approach or location, weather control, fuel load manager, moving map and more.
FSInventions Producers of FS Instant Approach, an interface add-on for FSX and FS9. It allows you to set up an approach in under 30 seconds! Choose speed, winds and any runway of any airport or a random one. Video and demo.
FS Real Time Payware (tiered pricing) designed to keep MSFS and P3D UTC (Zulu/GMT) time and date in sync with the real world. You can have it maintain either the current real time, or an offset (+/-). Can be used with Time Zone Fixer.
FSWidgets AirView, SlewAssist and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) for FS9, FSX and X-Plane. Also a range of Android and iphone & iPad apps.
FSXAssist ( FSXAssist and P3DAssist are flexible, tweaking and configuration tools designed to help get the best performance from FSX & P3D. Provides four core functions, but first and foremost is an FSX or P3D loader program.
FSXControls FSXControls is for owners of advanced controller system with a lot of programmable buttons (home cockpits, CHProducts' MFC panel etc). Also efficiently and easily hides aircraft variants. Last updated 2014
Instructor Station A useful, interesting interface for FS9 and FSX. Provides loads of settings for a quick launch of the sim in a range of customizable situations e.g. push back, approaches, failures, weather conditions. See video.
Intrasystem CockpitStatus is a multifunction control and approach system cockpit instrument. Includes a precision approach system for any runway - not using frequencies. A virtual waypoint is created for any runway at a distance of 15nm aligned with the runway.
Jacky Brouze Some excellent FSX freeware utilities by Jacky Brouze. Jacky is very protective of his JAB creations because in the past his work was badly pirated. Login required. French language.
Lorby Useful utilities from Lorby - Addon Organizer, Scenery Exporter, Radar Screen, Thumbnail Report Generator, Mission/Senario Report Generator, Time Machine, Payload Manager, Mooring (floatplane anchor), Aircraft Selector and Scratchpad.  
NXGN Simulations NXGN Simulations is a group developing utilities & aircraft for FS9, FSX and P3D. NXGN Livery Manager is a standalone payware application that interacts with all aircraft and has many useful features.
Peter Dowson's FS Modules (FSUIPC) This page, hosted by, has the latest versions of Peter's essential FSUIPC and his other utilities including WideFS and AdvDisp. Check out the separate support forums for announcements & support.
SIMstarter NG SIMstarter NG is the payware version of the free SIMstarter. Rewritten for FSX and P3D. You can create many custom launch profiles and combine a profile with any saved flight. Many other functions.
SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer is an useful fix for flight simulator software and together with FS Real Time add-on will allow you to fly in FSX and P3D on accurate schedules same as the real world.
Tweak FS A series of separate, useful,programs to easily tweak FS9 and FSX flight plans, frame rates, flight characteristics and an aircraft's weight. Config Studio is a "Swiss Army Knife" for your Prepar3D config files.
WidevieW & FS Earth Home of utilities by Luciano Napolitano. Payware WidevieW can be used to create virtual cockpits with multiple monitor support, using networked PCs. FS Earth acts as an interface with Google Earth.