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The producers of avionics software, aeroSystem737, have excellent videos for their product. The videos are a useful and easy to understand general introduction on the use of digital avionics in modern jetliners.
Aerowinx Producers of Precision Simulator (PSX), a stand-alone Boeing 747 flight & systems trainer for professionals and professionally priced. Can be networked and includes instructor screens. Hundreds of features. .
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With hours of HD flight sim footage with a real pilot in command, our tutorial programs for the Inibuilds Airbus A300-600, PMDG 777 and Amsterdam and Greek Airports pilot will give you a great insight into flying.
Angle of
We specialize in Flight Sim training, but to real world standards. Our goal is to pass our passion and knowledge onto you through our video training and tutorials. Free 90-day single-prop starter course. Podcasts.
Blackbox 711
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YouTube videos of various aspects of flying the FSLabs Airbus A320 from a 'cold and dark' startup. Includes many technical aspects for all MSFS Airbus models including the Fenix A320. Also Dash-8, Twin Otter, B777 and other aircraft flights.
Boeing 737 Technical Site Here you will find technical, operational, and training notes; articles and photos contributed by 737 pilots and engineers from around the world. Covers history, systems, technical specs, and much more.
Mike Ray
Highly detailed, illustrated guides and manuals. The manuals offer a complete guide to flying each aircraft in MSFS, including their EFIS. Boeing and Airbus titles. Try the $1 downloads for a taster.
Cockpit Revolution A wide range of high-quality cockpit diagram posters and aircraft profiles designed for trainers, students, operators and enthusiasts. Posters are available as print and digital downloads, profiles as prints or stickers.
Flight Manuals Online Buy scanned PDFs of original civil and military aircraft's real flight manuals. They contain all the info required by the pilot, including full technical description, limitations, procedures and some performance data.
Flight Sim Association FSA is a community of flight simmers, pilots and developers that offers events, getting started guides, webinars, and more. Free membership option. FSA hosts FlightSimExpo, North America’s flight sim conference & tradeshow.
Flight Sim
20 early flight simulator books - full text! makes classic flight simulation books available on the web. Everything here is available with permission of the copyright holders.
Flight Sim
Flight Sim Coach connects real-world pilots and flight sim enthusiasts to Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) who provide remote coaching services as you fly your sim. All you need is a home flight simulator and screen sharing software such as Zoom. Our team of Remote Flight Instructors offer custom coaching on an hourly basis, or a pre-packaged training plan.
Flight Simulator Navigation Ruud's blog offers excellent tutorials and YouTube videos teaching you about charts, flight planning, departure (SID) and approach (STAR) procedures using GPS or radio beacon flying with NDB, VOR, DME and ILS. 
Free checklists
Freeware checklists for popular add-on aircraft & panel combinations. Includes the many checklists by Werner Schott. Airbus, Boeing, Cessna etc. Hosting site, Dauntless Software, offers sim and real aviation products.
Take command of an aircraft, learn instrument and visual flight, handle emergencies and journey across the globe. These mission packs for MSFS are built by a real airline captain for maximum authenticity. and include packs for IFR, VFR, Jetliner, Navigator and Commander. An exclusive bundle deal is upcoming on Marketplace (Activities - Training section).
FS Flying
Award-winning software that provides a personal instructor evaluating aspects of your flying technique as you start up, fly, land and taxi. Check out the videos and demo. For FSX, P3D, MSFS and X-Plane.
FSiPanel FSiPanel is designed to help you train approaches on their favorite aircraft the same way as airline pilots. Anytime you want to practice an approach on a different runway, FSiPanel will set up your approach within a few seconds at any airport in any meteorological condition! For P3D and MSFS.
Kip on the

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Very useful, easy to follow tutorials on using the autopilot and other navigation instruments in MSFS2020.  Includes IFR ATC clearance from the cockpit, ILS approaches and Garmin 530/430 GPS flight planning.
Luizmonteiro Aviation Education This site helps student pilots learn through highly realistic online instrument simulators. It is packed with online simulators (VOR, HSI, RMI and ADF), lessons and other education material for budding pilots.
RD Presets As well as creating scenery we offer guides for flight simmers. Our goal: Spend more time flying and less time tweaking. Our guides will help explain how to use MSFS, P3D and ATC and really enjoy your simulator time.
Red Triangle Productions Cockpit and aircraft systems training software and electronic pilot manuals for Airbus, Boeing, CRJ and EMB aircraft. Every facet of modern digital/glass controls shown. Designed for real pilots - sim pilots will find them helpful.
Smart Cockpit Designed to help real-life pilot training, this site offers lots of easily digested info about popular aircrafts' performance and procedures. and lots of links to other resources. 
Tacview Eager to understand what really happened during your last flight? Tacview is a universal flight data analysis tool which enables you to easily record, analyze and understand any flight to improve your skills 
Top SkillsBooks
e-book aviation skills manuals and video tutorials for flight simmers by Bill Stack. Several titles to choose from packed with lessons, tips and advice. Also available from SimShack... 
Unofficial Airbus Study Site Designed for real pilots - sim pilots may find some useful downloads. The training focuses on the Airbus A319/320/321 series. Includes Sample Oral Study Guide, Simulator Callouts & Approach Briefing Guide and study aids.
Microsoft Flight Simulator History
Flight Simulator History The 40+ years story of the development of MSFS. Timeline. Also 'The Old Flight Simulator Vault' where you can download early copies of MSFS to try using emulators. Last updated 2007.
Earlier Versions We've come a long way... try playing an online version of FS 1, 2, 3 or 4 with keyboard controls.