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Panels - Avionics - Gauges
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A320FCU Airbus A320 MCDU panel for Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 12 with box. Includes: PCB with operating electronics, Display and display control board, font with backlighting controlled from the simulator, cables and pwer supply. Avaialbe as desktop or pedestal versions.
Air Manager Create your own 2D flight sim panels with Air Manager from Sim Innovations. Run it on the same computer as your sim, or on a seperate one or seperate monitors. 20 pre-made panels, or create your own from library 700 free instruments.
FlightSim Builder A G1000 suite from FlightSim Builder offers easy setup, premium quality and infinite customization. G1000 unit, GNS 530 unit, audio panel and stand can be purchased seperately our as a bundle. Also sell Flight Velocity panels.
Flight Sim Developers The FSD GLV2000 is an advanced MFD replacement for the default FSX GPS. It includes a GPS moving map, radio stack, flight plan facility & autopilot LNav and VNav computer. It can control each phase of a flight, from take-off to landing.
Flightsim Workshop Several improved cockpit repaints and texture upgrades for Boeing, Bombardier and Gulfstream panels. For FSX and P3D.
Flight Velocity Flight Velocity produces flight deck panels, flight controls, and accessories for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Offers simulators, mini cockpits, desktop panels, panel overlays, avionics and PCs. Tailor made panel options.
FS Panel Studio FS Panel Studio, a fully-featured and easy to use panel editor for FSX and earlier versions. Add, delete, resize and edit gauges and add panel windows to normal panels. Not for virtual cockpits.
FS World Eric Marciano Producer of popular earlier Airbus panels (see "Past Projects" section). Panels now produced as part of Wilco's Airbus Series. Also F16 and Mirage 4000 panels, AI and Multi-player Radar Gauge. EasyFMC for FS9, FSX and P3D.
FS2x Excellent payware avionics gauges (e.g. Bendix-King GNS and Garmin G1000 PFD, MFD and panels package), and a Pilatus PC-12 with custom panels. Plus freeware avionicsa and XML gauge building tutorials. For FSX.
FSXPilot FSXPilot is a generic, universal autopilot, EFIS and flightplanner module for MSFS, P3D and FSX that extends the confines of conventional autopilots. It includes a flight planner and a global navigation system. Shareware/donation ware for non-commercial use.
ISG Intergrated Simavionics Group 1 is a product by Ernie Alston creator of FS Build. ISG is a set of integrated navigational panel gauges that communicate with each other. Includes MCU, MFD and FMS along with ADI and HSI. FSX and P3D.
Mindstar Aviation Mindstar's G1000 adds a Garmin G1000 'glass' panel to FSX default Cessna 182 and features undockable MFD and PFD for multi-monitor use. MFD displays moving map with TIS traffic targets. For FSX and P3D.
MSFS Panel Replicas Windows App to be used with the MSFS 2020 Flight Simulator. Replicates some often used functionality into an easy accessible window.
Reality XP Publishers of GNS 530W XP™, an all-in-one GPS/Nav/Comm solution for FS9 and FSX, P3D & X-Plane. Features a WAAS-certified GPS, 2280-channel comm and 200-channel ILS/VOR with localizer and glideslope. Also other gauges.
SimFlyer High quality add-on avionics software includes simulated navigational equipment by real world avionics giants such as Garmin, Bendix King, OP Technologies and S-TEC. FSX/FS9 version available.
Simscape Main panel product is a F-16 HUD. This is available as a pay-for stand-alone gauge or as part of a couple of panel and aircraft package options. For FS9 and FSX.