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Links to Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
Media - Magazines and Radio
Jumpseat Jumpseat enables immersive audio experiences wherever you fly. Spawn anywhere in the world, and gain access to local music & talk radio stations. With location intelligence, Jumpseat can talk you through a world of POIs.
PC Pilot PC Pilot is an A4, full colour, published every second month. Every issue is packed with news, advice and features on all aspects of flight simulation and reviews. On-line (PC, iPad, Android) subscriptions available.
Sky Blue Radio is a popular and long-established internet radio station serving the aviation & flight simulation communities. Provides a great variety of music worldwide, 24 hours a day with live DJ’s and flight sim guests.  Facebook... JetStream Radio have medged with SkyBlue.
Video & Streaming Channels
320 Sim Pilot
YouTube. Real world short haul Airbus pilot flying the MSFS A320 and A320 NEO. Having been a fan of home flight simulation for years, this channel is about using some of my real world experience to bring another perspective to simming.
YouTube. Well-produced, cinematic videos of Australian and world-wide flights and destinations using MSFS.
Aus Flight Simmer 
YouTube channel featuring a large collection of hands-on video reviews of flight sims and flightsim aircraft, scenary and utilities. Also on Facebook...
Capt Canada 
YouTube. A collection of worldwide MSFS commercial jet flights recorded video. Some are recorded live streams. Many show the sim flight from cold and dark cockpit and/or show flight plan entry and engine start up, ATC exchange etc.
FlyBy Simulations 
A large collection of interesting and useful MSFS videos including "every button explained" tutorials on the latest aircraft and MSFS news and features. 
Jordon King
YouTube. Jordon King is real world private pilot. His YouTube channel carries a collection of videos on various aspects of filight simming. Covers FSX, FSX-S and P3D and Flight School.
Kip on the Ground 
YouTube. Very useful, easy to follow tutorials on using the autopilot and other navigation instruments in MSFS2020.  Includes IFR ATC clearance from the cockpit, ILS approaches and Garmin 530/430 GPS flight planning.
MSFS official
on Twitch
The official Twitch stream for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Live streamed presentations and recordings of them. Includes lessons and community fly-ins.
MSFS Category on Twitch Loads of excellent, serious, instructive and fun live channels, recorded video streams and clips found under Twitch's "Microsoft Flight Simulator" category. 
MSFS search on YouTube Hundreds of videos listed from a "Microsoft Flight Simulator" search on YouTube. Includes live stream presentations and recordings, tutorials, software and hardware reviews, and fun videos. Search results can be filtered and categorised.
YouTube. I'm a massive fan of open world games, whether they are on Earth or in Space, or even somewhere more exotic. Space games, and sci-fi are a specialty for me. Flight sims also make up a large chunk of my content, with a special focus on Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Overkill Simulations
YouTube. This channel is designed to provide entertainment and tutorials for various simulations but primarily the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Rreviews of aircraft, add-ons and apps.
(on YouTube)
Aviation and flight simulation have been my passion for well over 25 years. My main objective is to create useful content for the community to help everyone make informed decisions about their investments in flight simulators, flight simulation gear, hardware and software.
SimHanger Flight Simulation
YouTube. Come and have a little fun! For Microsoft Flight Simulator, Xplane, DCS and P3D content ranging from hardware recommendations, Virtual Reality plus scenery and add on reviews, as well as tips and tricks.
Simulation Channel Deluxe
YouTube. On the SCD channel we're mainly flying IFR on realistic commercial flight routes, but VFR is also fun from time to time. There are also lots of tutorials, comparison videos, livestreams and a few review videos.
SlantAlpha Adventures
Twitch channel for aviation and flight simulation enthusiasts who particularly enjoy General Aviation flying using old-school radio navigation techniques, including (but not limited to) VFR flight with radio-nav position
Twitch channel broadcasting live streams flying MSFS Boeing and Airbus aircraft.
An Irish based flight simmer and content creator who loves to stream MSFS. You can catch the livestream every Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 20:00 BST/IST Twitch TV channel
Screenshots - Photos - Videos
Airliners A huge collection (millions) of high quality aircraft photographs. Searchable by aircraft manufacturer, airline, country/airport. Includes panel and air to air photos.
JetPhotos Millions of aircraft photographs. Searchable by aircraft type, county/airport and serial number. Using search, some individual airliners can be viewed from shiny first flight to sad, rusty scrap.
Just Planes Just Planes HD vidoes take you on the flightdeck of nearly 300 airlines and let the pilots guide you through their work. Cameras placed around the cockpit bring you amazing views from flights all around the world. YouTube channel...
Marco Lillini Marco is an Alitalia Captain and photographer - the result is a collection of photos of skies, countryside, mountains and cities taken from the flight deck.
Miscellaneous Sites
FlightAware FlightAware currently free provides private and commercial flight tracking in over 45 countries across North America, Europe, and Oceania.
FlightGear is a good, free, open-source flight simulator. BE WARNED that some try to SELL this TOTALLY FREE program under various names e.g. VirtualPilot3D, Pro Flight Simulator, Fsim3D. DO NOT BUY IT. FlightGear Wiki on the subject...
Flightradar24 Flightradar24 shows live airplane traffic from different areas of the world. Uses data from aircraft with an ADS-B transponder. See an aircraft's details, track, hold patterns, photo. A resource for those who enjoy listening to and talking about Air Traffic Control (ATC). Browse and listen to live ATC feeds from around the world.
Marine Traffic Off-topic. Which ship is that on the horizon? This live map of ship movements will help you find out, and track a vessel's progress. World-wide coverage of all types of shipping movements from cargo to leisure.
VA Airline Training Real world aviation training. We’re a specialist independent ATO delivering high-quality AirlineReady® training to help new and experienced pilots achieve their career goals.
Off Topic - Useful Free Software for Windows PCs
Agent Ransack Freeware 'lite' versions of FileLocator Pro. Searches files and within documents very quickly, displaying the results with a snippet of the search term found. Works extremely well.
Calibre Free, open source, e-book library management application. Library management, e-book reader, converter and editor. Syncs to e-book readers and on-line news, publishing and e-book services.
DigitalVolcano Software Duplicate Cleaner will find duplicate files on your computer. It lists and compares the duplicates found showing which folder each copy is in. Various delete options are offered. Free version for non-commercial use.
Iperius Backup Free PC or server backup software. Automatic, scheduled backups of all file types. Easy-to-use, lightweight and totally reliable. Commercial Home and Business full product editions available. Can run as a Windows service.
LibreOffice LibreOffice is the most powerful free, open source office suite around. Includes: Writer word processor, Calc spreadsheet app, Impress for presentations, Draw, Base database and Math for editing mathematics.
MailStore Home MailStore Home for Windows is free for home use. Easily backup all emails to a central archive where you can quickly find, sort or retrieve them. Works with Outlook, Windows Mail, Gmail & multiple accounts. Also business editions.
VLC VLC is a free, open source, cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files (including some earlier video formats) as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.