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Links to Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
General and Regional Sites
Avionic Excellent French language site offering news, interviews, illustrated reviews of shareware and commercial add-ons, tutorials and forums. Avionic
FB- Flight Sim Enthusiasts Facebook Private Group with the usual international mix of comments, questions, screen shots and discussion. Over 53,000 members. Facebook - Flight Sim Enthusiasts logo
FB - MSFS 2020 Facebook private Group with the usual international mix of news, comments, questions, screen shots and discussion. Over 58,000 members Facebook - MSFS 2020
FB- Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (Asobo Studio) Facebook private Group with the usual international mix of news, comments, questions, screen shots and discussion. Over 150,000 members
FB - P3D Users Group Prepar3D world-wide private Group on Facebook. News, screenshots, videos, questions, tips and a general exchange of P3D information and other relevant information. Over 10,000 members. Facebook - P3D Users Group
Flightsim Eindhoven Interesting and useful blog covering various flight sim issues, including advice on tweaking and hardware and software. Updated URL. Flightsim Eindhoven logo
FlightSim.No Large Norwegian flight sim resource. File library. So you don't read Norwegian - so learn some here! FlightSim.No logo
FlightSim Periskop Czech/Slovak airplanes, helicopters and gliders, panels, scenery, flight plans, sounds & utilities. Forums FlightSim Periskop logo
French VFR This portal will try to familiarize you with the different aspects of creating scenery, 3D models and new aircraft. We discuss a number of tools. Blog, forum and some downloads. French VFR
Friendly Flusi Forums, news, reviews, technical discussions, screenshots, links and more. Friendly Flusi logo
FS Visions This Dutch language website offers flight simulator news and in-depth reviews. It also has a group of forums. The download section carries a selection of Mike Ray's useful English language tutorial articles. FS Visions logo
FSX Times A useful and interesting FSX blog that is regularly updated. Lots of tips and tweaks and mods and other bits and pieces on hardware, software, setups, aircraft, scenery and more. FSX Times logo
Gatwick Flight Sim Group Gatwick Flight Simulation Group was formed in 2011 and they meet monthly on Sunday mornings in Crawley, West Sussex, UK. Their web site carries some flight sim news and tips along with an Affinity Mask calculator (Utilities page). Gatwick Flight Sim Group
Mutley's Hanger Interesting, popular and entertaining collection of features with review area covering popular add-ons. forums. Also hosts John Allard's airport diagrams which can be used stand-alone, or integrally with Tim Arnot's Plan-G Mutley's Hanger logo A popular, active, French language flight sim forum. Has general discussion section and specific areas for discussing AI traffic, ATC, on-line flying, scenery and many other flight sim interests.
Ray's Aviation English language FSX site from Denmark with a great many reviews of hardware and software. Also has a long list of links. Ray's Aviation
simFlight Main hub of the simFlight network. Has up-to-date FS news, product reviews of software and hardware, videos, forums, links and promotions. simFlight English logo
simFlight Germany News, forums and download focusing on German flightsim communities and activities. Has up-to-date FS news, reviews, forums, and links and promotions. Part of the simFlight network. simFlight Germany
simFlight Russia News, forums and download focusing on Russian flightsim communities and activities.  Has up-to-date FS news, reviews, forums, and links and promotions. Part of the simFlight network. simFlight Russia logo
French language site with useful information and downloads for flying in Western Europe and beyond. Includes photo scenery, cockpit building and tutorials. VFR logo
VFR-Flightsimmer Large German language flight sim site with news and a good selection of forums. VFR-Flightsimmer logo
Voo Virtual Portuguese language portal with news and forums for discussion, advice, reviews and screenshots. English, French and Spanish translations available. Voo Virtual logo