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Airport Nav Finder Airport Nav Finder logoOn-line, community-maintained, database of details of thousands of worldwide airports. Contains category, runway, frequency and weather details, local nav aids and a list of other airports close by.
Dauntless Software Dauntless SoftwareDauntless sell real-world and simulator aviation products including SimPlates X - over 30,000 real IFR approach plates for airports throughout the world with an integrated worldwide airport/facilities directory. Also free aircraft checklists.
Electronic Flight Bag  AivlaSoft logoFrom AivlaSoft, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), provides all the aeronautical charts (with moving map function), and other relevant information to perform a flight. Saves a lot of time. Network and 'touch' options. For MSFS, FSX, and P3D. Support Forum...
It’s an add-on map showing within MSFS with your plane moving in it, without any other external apps needed to run. It does not open with the "V" key and does not overwrite the default map. You find it in the top menu.
Free AirMap Gemini Software logoFree AirMap from Gemini Software is a Garmin style moving map standalone program that integrates with FS9, FSX, P3D & MSFS. It shows your aircraft's position and flight plan. Many map types to choose from.
FS Academy Take command of an aircraft, learn instrument and visual flight, handle emergencies and journey across the globe. These mission packs for MSFS are built by a real airline captain for maximum authenticity. New! Navigator set. 
FS Aircraft Dynamics & Navdata FS Aircraft Dynamics & Navdata logoFreeware material that Hervé Sors designed for MSFS as well as navaids and Magnetic Variation data updates for FS9, FSX, P3D & MSFS. Also aerodynamics, aircraft data and airfile design data and links.
Flight Simulator Navigation Ruud's blog offers excellent tutorials and YouTube videos teaching you about charts, flight planning, departure (SID) and approach (STAR) procedures, using GPS or radio beacon flying with NDB, VOR, DME and ILS. 
FS Tramp FS Tramp logoSuccessor to FS Navigator - a fully integrated, moving navigational map plug-in for FSX, MSFS & P3D. Can fly entire flight plan route and holdings through autopilot. AI and multiplayer aircraft on map. Annual payable license required.
FSXPilot FSXPilot is a generic, universal autopilot, EFIS and flightplanner module for MSFS, P3D and FSX that extends the confines of conventional autopilots. It includes a flight planner and a global navigation system. Shareware/donation ware for non-commercial use.
EasyFMS EasyFMS imageEasyFMS & External EasyFMC software products for FS9, FSX and P3D by Eric Marciano offer advanced navigation systems. Designed for airliners, you can use them with any aircraft. New! MSFS Recorder.
FuelPlanner FuelPlanner logoOn-line fuel planner estimates fuel and generates load sheets. Enter ICAO origin and destination codes and press the Planner button. Advanced options for registered users (free). Plus API and FSX add-on client.
Ideal Flight Ideal Flight logoTakes the burden out of setting up a FSX flight. One click creates a completely new flight each time with weather, flight plan, and briefing. It works with any add-on, and its features makes it a useful addition to FSX and P3D.
Kip on the Ground Basic, easy to follow and extremely useful tutorials on using the autopilot and other navigation instruments in MSFS2020. Includes IFR ATC clearance from the cockpit, ILS approaches and Garmin 530/430 GPS flight planning.
Little Navmap Little Navmap logoFree, open source flight planner, moving map and navigation and airport info app for Windows, Mac or Linux. Supports MSFS, P3D and X-Plane. New MSFS 2020 functions. Reads sim's default and add-on scenery data. Support Forum at Avsim.
Navigraph Navigraph logoNavigraph was founded in Sweden in 2003 and provides flight sim users with up-to-date data and charts via a paid subscription. FMS data (AIRAC cycles) and airport and enroute charts available for desktop or portable devices.
Our Airports Our Airports logoOpen-data details of airports and heliports all over the world. Includes general pilot and passenger information and a direct link to a satellite view of each airport. Useful for general information.
Professional Flight Planner X Professional Flight Planner X logoPFPX is a new planner developed by real-world pilots and The aim is to support the serious flight simmer to produce complex, flight plans.
Plan-G logoPlan-G is a donation-ware VFR flight planning tool for FSX, FS9, P3D and X-Plane. It features a map interface with topographical detail. Plans are fully editable. Can do the planning outside of FS. VATSIM support & radio stack.
PRO-ATC/SR Pro-ATC X logoPRO-ATC/SR replaces and upgrades ATC in MSFS, FSX & P3D. Pro-ATC/SR provides the appropriate controllers who give you current weather, clearances, taxi instructions, take-off clearances, ascent & descent clearances, vectors to the active runway, clearances to land, ground clearances & traffic calls for aircraft in your flight path. Pro-ATC/SR tries to assist wherever possible by utilising a virtual co-pilot.
Random Flight Database (RFD) is simple and easy to use and offers a wide variety of features for random flight generation. Extensive database of airlines, airports, and destinations. Allows you to choose one or more VFR and IFR flights according to your criteria. Requires subscription for full version that includes EFB features. Lite online version is free...
Rolling Cumulus Rolling Cumulus logoOur aim is to provide FSX, P3D and MSFS pilots with the best missions, that can take you to unique and rare airfields across the globe. The missions usually include a d several flights, weather themes, custom surroundings etc. Website is very slow to load. Check out their products at Just Flight...
Route Finder Route FinderRoutefinder is an online world-wide aeronautical database. Request a route between two points, and the program will find the shortest path and provide a simple flight plan.
SimBrief SimBriefSimBrief by Navigraph is a virtual flight dispatch center. Registered users can access an on-line dispatch system, generating in-depth flight plans for specific aircraft containing weather forecasts, NOTAMs, fuel planning and more.
SimBrief Panel
Toolbar widget for MSFS2020 to display latest SimBrief flight plan. You can easily download all the most important data without leaving the simulator. Useful if you only have one monitor or you're in VR. logoA Delco Carousel IV-an Inertial Navigation System (gauge) for MSFS. All displays, keys and switches work exactly as the real ones. Computes, manages and displays true heading, distance between waypoints, and more. Forum
SimToolkitPro With support for FSX, P3D and MSFS, and an unrivalled EFB toolset, SimToolkitPro brings your flying experience into one place. Flight planning and dispatching through SimBrief, flight logbook, live map with support for VATSIM and IVAO,  ATC taxi overlays, searchable real-world routes database and more.
Sky is a way to view US aeronautical charts online. Always current, and always free, FAA Sectional Charts are used for VFR flight planning. Pan and zoom. Load SkyVector inside MSFS with this free toolbar mod...
TOPCAT Topcat logoTOPCAT (Take-Off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool) is a highly realistic, easy-to-use planning tool. It brings into a single application all of the calculations required to plan for safe and repeatable take-offs and landings.
UK Aeronautical Information NATS logoUK  rAeronautical Information Service. Real world aeronautical and aviation information from the UK's CAA and NATS. Includes NOTAMS and various charts avaialable for download.
Volanta Volanta is an easy to use smart flight tracker that integrates all your flight data across all major sims. It includes a logbook, aircraft tracking, fun challenges, and a thriving community. Desktop or app option. Free or Premium option.
World Tour Flights VoxATC logoWorld Tour Flights is community-driven, and everyone is welcome to post MSFS flight plans as PLN or FLT files. Plans are sorted by region and environment or terrain and can be viewed on an map before download.