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Aerosoft Australia
Aerosoft Australia logoAeroSystem737 is excellent stand-alone avionics software. As well as detailed avionics displays, it also has a sophisticated flight management computer and autopilot system that controls the aircraft. For one PC or a network. Demo.
Aviosim Aviosim logoWeb shop of Aviosim, suppling and shipping parts, modules and kits for cockpit builders. Partners of Sismo Soluciones and Simworld Poland.  Online store...
Avsim Home
Cockpit Forum
Avsim Cockpit ForumThe Home Cockpit Support Forum. Interested in building your own home grown cockpit? Here you can seek advice and help from those that have "been there - done that".
BajuSoftware Home of Panel Builder, an Instrument Package that allows the creation of custom Instrument panels to interface with various flight simulators. Panel Builder operates completely outside of any supported flight simulator software. The instruments can be run on the same computer or a networkef one.
Captain Bob Flight Simulation Full ccale flight simulator plans available for free online. Helpful videos of building and configuring simultors. Panel components (switches, instruments etc.) and simulator kits for sale to help make simulators more accessible to those without expensive tools. Home of the Cessna 172 Project.  YouTube channel...
Active forums for general discussions related to cockpit building ideas and techniques. Also has other related forums including those covering tutorials and help.
Cockpitsonic CockpitsonicCockpitsonic develops and sells low cost flight training devices for flight training companies. Cockpitsonic also sell parts to the growing home flight deck building community, providing comprehensive plug and play solutions.
CockpitSim Parts CockpitSimParts is a UK based company, our aim is to provide flight simulator parts for budget prices whilst maintaining great quality. Boeing 737 panels and throttles, guages etc. Saitek/Logitech and CH throttle levers, switches and accessories  
Core Flight Technologies Core Flight Technologies are a Türkiye-base company producing high tech and high quality components. Products include Boeing 737 MCP, EFIS, Radio and ATC modules and  a 737 glare shield combo. Also offer desktop stands for adding the 737 modules to Thrustmaster and Honeycomb yokes.
Desktop Aviator Desktop Aviator logoCircuit boards, parts, modules, USB components. Fully tested complete GPS switch panel and other aviation panels. US-based. International orders welcomed.
Flight Illusion Flight IllusionDevelop and integrate technologies for flight simulators and offer a range of solutions, from generic, off the shelf avionics to more integrated, personalized displays and control panels. Includes gauges, interfaces and radio modules.
Flightdeck Solutions Flightdeck SolutionsLarge range of flight deck training devices, panels, instruments and interfaces for various Airbus, Boeing and regional aircraft. High quality supplies for enthusiast and the professional.
FlightSimBuilder Supply MSFS-compatible G1000, G1000 Audio Panel and GNS 530 units along with stands and brackets and Flight Velocity Pro Panel and Honeycomb Alpha or Bravo under desk mounts. 
FsXpand FlywareFrom Positiuongames, FsXPand panels and custom gauges run on your FS PC with FSUIPC. FsClient is then used to display the panels or gauges on one or more networked PC's. Monthly subscription option. 737 PFD and ND added.
HID macros HID macrosSoftware for sending keyboard macros from different USB devices. Connect multiple USB keyboards and define different macros for them e.g. Use "A" for autopilot, while your regular keyboard will work just as before. Forum.
Java Simulator Based in Thailand, Java Simulator design and develop flight simulator accessories with reasonable price for people who want their own Flight Simulator cockpit. Airbus componennts for A320 glare, overhead and pedestal including a MCDU module.
Leo Bodnar Electronics Leo Bodnar Electronics logoDesign and manufacture useful electronic devices including: USB controller interfaces (e.g. joystick controllers); custom electronics for simulation, aviation and others; advanced force feedback steering systems and other sim indicators.
MyCockpit logoResource for cockpit builders with old reviews of products, build tips, downloads, tutorials and more. Forums cover flight deck building, links and general flight sim issues. Photo gallery and classified ads. Appears inactive.
MobiFlight This open source project integrates standard hardware with your flight simulator - this allows you to build your individual cockpit in a fast, cheap and flexible way! MobiFlight works with commonly available hardware and supports LEDs, 7-Segments, Steppers, Servos and LCDs and more.
Opencockpits OpencockpitsWebsite and shop (Spanish & English) offering information, descriptions and sales of a large selection of high quality home cockpit supplies, including panels, components, IO cards, gauges and switches. Forum and photo gallery.
Peix Software Peix SoftwareGA gauges and radio stack software to run on a secondary monitor via either a dual graphics card or network. Frees up your main screen. The size & position of all gauges is fully customizable. Airbus and Boeing style PFDs for Android.
Project Magenta Project Magenta logoHigh quality software products range from glass cockpits (Boeing, Airbus GA), flight management systems and interfacing software to data logging and traditional IFR training software. Also supply some hardware.
ProSim-AR ProSim-AR logoThe ProSim737 and ProSimA320 Professional Simulator Suites are complete sets of software tools to build an accurate two engine simulator. Using FSX or Prepar3D, the Suites allow you to build a setup similar to the real aircraft.
RealSimGear Products replicate real world avionics and feature a dedicated HDMI display, surrounded by tactile buttons and knobs. The display is connected to your PC. The knobs and buttons send commands to your flight simulator. Facebook...
Redbird Flight Simulations Redbird Flight SimulationsRedbird provide desktop and fully enclosed stationary and motion flight training devices to flight schools, colleges, universities and individual pilots around the world.
Sim-Avionics Sim-Avionics logoDesigned to run on multiple PC's in various configurations interfacing with FS2004 or FSX via FSUIPC or Wideclient, this is a complete avionics solution providing all the software needed to build a fully functioning home cockpit.
SimFab Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned sim pilot, you can increase your immersive experience with our modular cockpit design that makes add-ons easy to install and cost-effective without compromising quality or craftsmanship. All our cockpit models are upgradable and interchangeable.
SimKits TRC Simulators logoSimKits by TRC Simulators are instruments for simulators and home cockpit builders. Includes full scale modern glass cockpit replicas, and general aviation cabins and flight deks.
Sismo Soluciones Sismo Soluciones logoThis Spanish company manufacture and supply a wide range of cockpit panels, modules, components and software. Includes MCP & EFIS modules, and pedestal and overhead panels.
 Skalarki Electronics Airbus A320 complete cockpits (single and dual) and individual panels and components including overhead, MIP, glare and pedestal. Also desktop componets inlcuding Airbus FCU, MCDU and more.  Facebook...
TRC Simulators TRC Simulators logoA complete line of affordable realistic flight training devices equipped with replicated, but realistic instruments. Modern avionics, gauges, cabins, controls, flight decks and complete systems.