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Links to Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
Apps for Phones and Tablets
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Air Navigation Air NavigationAir Navigation is a real-time aviation moving map navigation app for iOS, Android amd Mac OS devices. It supports free maps as well as official aviation charts for many countries.
aviaworx aviawork logoaviaCDU – The most complete Remote CDU solution for supported NSFS and P3D aircrfat and aviaOverhead – Remote Overhead for PMDG aircraft. Both products are combined in a single application called aviaServer. Forum...
AvioWare Avioware logoFSi (Flight Simulator instruments) are designed to move your instruments on to your iPad, iPhone or Android tablet. Cessan-style GA panel, a Robinson-style helicopter panel and a radio panel.  FSX and P3D Free demo versions. Beta MSFS FSi server.
Evans Mauta II Evans Mauta II logoE6B Pathfinder provides useful computations and calculations for flight operations, like those of a E6B/CX-2/CX-3 flight computer. Aviation dictionary gives pilots a fast reference on aviation terms, abbreviations and vocabulary.
Fergo Virtual CDU A virtual Control Display Unit for MSFS PMDG 737 aircraft. It allows you to remote control the pilot's and first officer's plane's FMC externally with soft-buttons and a 1 :1 representation of the display in realtime. Accessible via a web-browser, second monitor or a phone or tablet connected to your home network.
FSWidgets A range of useful Android, iPhone and iPad apps. Includes Airports info database, an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and moving map apps. FSX, P3d and MSFS.
FSX Follow FSX FollowIf you own Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Prepar3d then all you need as an add-on is FSXFollow. With the latest upgrade, you have loads of functions, from tracking your plane and controlling it through your iDevice.
FS Mobile Companion AppFS Mobile Companion App from Caron Studios allows you to control essential aircraft instruments such as frequencies, autopilot, or lights using a mobile, touch-screen device. Free to use. Includes a moving map. Also on GitHub...
Peix Software Peix SoftwareGeneral Aviation interactive panel for Android, with multiple high resolution airplane and helicopter dashboards to link with FSX, P3D or MSFS, and a GlassCockpit 1000 for Android.
Phawary Labs Phawary LabsDeveloper of Android apps for FS9, FSX, P3D and MSFS utilising touch screen technology. PW372 Radio Stack offers Com, Nav, ADF, Transponder radios, autopilot controls.. PWB737 offers Boeing-style MCP, EFIS, radios, and more. 
RemoteFlight RemoteFlightBeautiful and efficient Flight Simulator gauges for Apple devices. Includes Cockpit HD, a touch-enabled cockpit panel, Radio HD, Map HD, Autopilot and Comm and VNav radios. For FS9, FSX and MSFS
Remote Virtual Cockpit Remote Virtual CockpitRemote Virtual Cockpit is an iPad app that enables the control of multiple functionalities and the visualization of plenty of data from MSFS, FSX and P3D. It offers up many fuctionalities needed to manage and control the airplane. 
RideReady RideReadyThe content of RideReady consists of large, often illustrated question sets drawn from actual check ride experience that you study in an active challenge-response way to mimic actual FAA Test conditions. Various modules.
SimBox Access Boeing's FMC or Airbus MCDU directly from your touch device and rotate knobs or push and pull them. You don't have to use your mouse anymore to change frequency or control lights. Comes with preconfigured profiles for multiple planes and sims. 
SimControlX SimControlX is a powerful iPad instructor station app for P3D offering the ability to reposition aircraft instantly, change wind and weather, fail engine or instruments etc. for realistic training without pausing the simulation.
SimFly Pad
(@ Simmarket)
SeeingSky Inc, developing MSFS panels for iOS Includes SimFly Pad for A24/C250, A320 Fenix B737 & B787. They include built-in MCDU control, overhead panel control, autopilot control, screenshot functions and more coveing 90% of standarde operating procedures. Blog...
SimFly Linker
SimFlyLinker acts as a bridge connecting SimFly Pad and your simulator (currently only supports MSFS). To fully utilize the functions of SimFly Pad, SimFly Linker is an important component.
Simionic SimionicGarmin G1000 Simulator app for iPad. You can use it as a stand-alone IFR trainer or as an instrument in FSX and X-Plane.
SimPlates X Ultra SimPlates X UltraSimPlates brings you the world’s largest collection of real-world IFR approach and other charts to your fingertips! As you virtually approach an airport bring up its corresponding plates in the SimPlates app on iPhone, ipad and Android.
Splashtop For a monthly fee, Splashtop Wired XDisplay can turn your USB-connected iPad, Android tablet, Kindle or smartphone into a high performance extra monitor for your computer. 
Tambucho An excellent, flight-sim-connected Cessna 172 panel display for your Android tablet. Also available is a a Cessna 177 Panel and a multi-function Radio Panel. Freeware and low-cost Pro versions. Works with MSFS 2020, FSX and P3D. 
Touch Portal This macro multi-action remote control software lets you control your Windows or Mac desktop software and PC with your Android or iOS touch-screen mobile device. Custom pages & icons. MSFS tutorial on YouTube.
Volanta Volanta is an easy to use smart flight tracker that integrates all your flight data across all major sims. It includes a logbook, aircraft tracking, fun challenges, and a thriving community. Desktop or app option. Free or Premium option.
XMapsy The EFB-Connector for FSX, P3D & MSFS – connect your flightsim with a lot of electronic flight bag or aviation software on IOS and Android devices – now with ADS-B / GDL90 support – see AI traffic in your EFB app.