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Links to Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
Aircraft Modellers F-Z
Flight Simulations Designs FSX aircraft by Alejandro Rojas Lucena (Alrot's Design) and Brett Henderson. Includes Cessna Citation X, McDonnell-Douglas MD-83, Bonanza P35, Boeing 707, Saab 340. Also extended virtual cockpits for FSX default Boeings. Flight Simulations Designs
Flight Sim Developers (FSD) Home page of a team of aircraft, panel and sound designers. Payware GA, military and bush aircraft including Cessnas, Pipers, Pilatus Porter, etc. for download. Also some military aircraft and avionics for FS9 and FSX. Flight Sim Developers (FSD)
flightsimlabs Their A320-X includes an animated external model, a complete 2D panel and a full 3D virtual cockpit, allowing the pilot an in-depth experience of this very popular aircraft. For FSX and P3Dv4+. Their Concorde-X is no longer on sale. flightsimlabs
FlyByWire Simulations A community-driven group intent on increasing the realism of the MSFS A320NEO. With a Discord presence of 10,000, the team has released several updates and enhancements for the A320NX via GitHub and announced an A380.
flysimware Developers of payware aircraft for FS9 and FSX. Aircraft include Learjet35A, Falcon 50, MU-2B-60, Cessna 441 and 402C Businessliner and Ercoupe 415C, a skydiver! Also some scenery. Facebook. flysimware
FS Aircraft Catalog This on-site-catalog is a user-filled database of aircraft add-ons for FSX and earlier. Contains brief details, download links and often a photo of the real-life aircraft type. Not being updated. FS Aircraft Catalog
FS Aircraft Dynamics & Navdata Aerodynamics and navigation freeware material and utilities designed by Hervé Sors for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Includes some aircraft data, airfile design links, documents and designer pages.  FS Aircraft Dynamics
FS Gliders Wolfgan Piper presents a massive selection of gliders from all eras for MSFS. Also has gliders as scenery objects and a photo gallery of the real things. German and English language. Wolfgan Piper's FS Gliders
Golden Age Simulations Models of older aircraft for FSX and P3D with precision flight dynamics. Payware and freeware. Recent releases include the DeHavilland Moth, Curtiss Robin, Aeronca C3, Waco UPF-7 and Super Stearman. Golden Age Simulations
helisimmer News, information, reviews articles and tutorials for those interested in helicopter simulation using MSFS, P3D, Flight School and x-Plane. Also carries a small collection of helicopter downloads. helisimmer
Historic Jetliners Group Boeing 707 aircraft, BAe-146 and DC-8s in all versions in all series plus panels. Also many others of the first generation civil jetliners era. Flight dynamics, sounds, panels and effects. Mostly for earlier versions of MSFS. Historic Jetliners Group
iFly The iFly Boeing 737NG and 747-400 are some of the most sophisticated addons for FS9 and FSX. The accuracy of cockpit and system simulation is very high with many features. Payware. Latest news is on their forum here... iFly
Immersive Audio  Boeing 737NG CFM soundpavk. All sounds are carefully processed and mixed to mimic the fengine requencies as heard on the real 737NG flightdeck. Also DA40, & Stearman sounds and PMDG and Majestic cockpit sound packs. Immersive Audio
Leonardo Software The latest version of a flight sim classic, Fly the Maddog X.  The MD-82 aircraft features advanced, study level systems such that it can be flown by following the operations manual of the real aircraft. Forum...
Level-D Popular and award-winning Boeing 767 model for FS9 and FSX. Includes full Flight Management System through the Autopilot with CAT III automated landings. Published by Flight1 Software. Support forum... Last updated 2010. Level-D
Lionheart Creations Developer of a number of payware aircraft packages for FS9, FSX and P3D. Includes Avelina, WT-9 Dynamic, Epic Victory executive jet and others. Some models for FS9 only.  Lionheart Creations
Majestic Software The MJC Dash 8 Q400, serving simmers, as well as airlines operating this airplane, with its challenging cockpit instruments offering a close to 100% correct system simulation. Available in 'Pilot', 'Training' and 'Pro' editions. Majestic Software
Nemeth Designs A flight simulator addon development group specialising in realistic helicopters. Information about released and upcoming projects and patches/fixes for the payware products and some freeware. Active forum. Nemeth Designs
PMDG Precision Manuals Development Group is a small team of developers who bring a strong suite of skills to aviation simulation development. Products include the Boeing 737, 737NGX, Boeing 747-400, MD11 and BAe Jetstream.  PMDG
Premier Aircraft Design (PAD) A large freeware collection of 50 complete models and 500 repaints for FS2004 and FSX. The collection ranges from ultralights through bush planes and commuters to heavies. Premier Aircraft Design (PAD)
Project Airbus Project Airbus make freeware add-on aircraft for the FS9 and have been around since 2001 Airbus A380 for FS9 released. Also A321. Details in their Forum. Project Airbus
Quality Wings An experienced team producing the Ultimate Collection of payware aircraft with exceptional detail, avionics, sounds & flight characteristics. Ultimate B757 and popular BAe146/Avro RJ available now. B787 Dreamliner in development. Quality Wings
RealAir Simulations Producers of highly-rated and highly detailed aircraft models. Ceased trading in December 2016 and no longer market or sell their aircraft models. Newly updated installers are available for existing customers.  (See Vertx below) RealAir Simulations
SibWings Finely crafted payware aircraft collection comprising SAAB Safir, SAAB Safir X, Cessna Bird Dog and Pitts Special. Antonov An-2 released. Last updated in 2013 SibWings
SimCheck Producers of a complex, payware model of the classic Airbus A300B4-200 developed in cooperation with real pilots and a A300 full-motion simulator. Info repaints and downloads. For FSX. Sold by Aerosoft. SimCheck
TFDi Design 717 Modern version of a classic favorite, the TFDi Design 717 is a Boeing Officially Licensed Product. The FMS features full weight and balance calculations, flight dynamics are finely tuned. Includes wing flex, custom animations. etc.. TFDi Design
Virtualcol Good value, low cost aircraft for FSX and P3D. Fokker 50, Jetstream S31, Dornier 328, ATR 42 and SAAB 2000. Models have virtual cockpits (some also have a 2D panel), and many internation liveries. Virtualcol
Vertx Sean Moloney's Diamond DA62. Sean was a founder member of the now closed RealAir Simulations. The DA62 oozes quality and detail with a large G1000 glass display, advanced aerodynamincs and great sounds.
WSSimulation Producers of a small selection of payware general aviation aircraft complete with detailed modern panels for FSX. Includes Diamond Eclipse DA-20 and DA-42 Twinstar, Piper PA-44 Seminole and Piper Meridian. WSSimulation