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Links to Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
Aircraft Modellers A-F
A1R Design Bureau Detailed payware models of a Yak-50 aerobatic, single-seat, low-wing monoplane with retractable undercarriage, a L-13 Blanik, a widely used two seat trainer glider from the Czech Republic, a Piel Emeraude and more.
A1R Design Bureau
A2A As well as the quality 'Wings of Power' warbirds, A2A now also produce a couple of top quality civil Cessna models, and a Piper Cherokee model, all featuring their own Accu-sim simulation engine for serious training in P3D. A2A
Aeroplane Heaven An intersting hanger includes historic military, modern jet fighters, general aviation light aircraft, heavy jetliners and classics. Including award-winning Cessna 140, Electra E10 and North American Rockwell Sabreliner. Aeroplane Heaven
Aerosoft The Aerosoft Airbus A320 and A318 collections are popular models for FSX and P3D including modules that are often paid-for add-ons. These include a semi-automated checklist and a co-pilot. CRJ 550/700 for MSFS released. Aerosoft
Alabeo Using advanced computer modeling and programming, Alabeo have released detailed models of performance aerobatic aircraft - Pitts S-25, Sukhoi SU-26 and Extra 300. Also general aviation -DA40, C172RG. For FSX & P3D. Alabeo
AFS Design Payware products for FSX and P3D by Andreas Meyer include: Eurofighter Typhoon - 4F Phantom - Airbus A320, A380 etc. - autogen textures - scenery airport Laage. German and English language pages. AFS Design
Ant's Airplanes Ant produces great payware aircraft for FSX & P3D including Eaglet, Sierra LSA models and a Drifter Ultralight Also a freeware Tiger Moth and Australian airport scenery collection and the Swamp Wallaby - a freeware jet. Ant's Airplanes
BayTower Studio Definitive virtual RV 7/7A model for FSX. RV = Richard Van Grunsven, who heads real Van's Aircraft, the manufacturer of these self-build aircraft kits. Facebook page. BayTower Studio
Blackbox Simulation Successors to the PSS (Phoenix) range. 'Prologue' versions of their Airbus X-Treme A318, A320, A330 and A340 offer highly detailed aircraft and panels for FSX and P3D. Facebook  New! Cessna L-19 "Bird Dog" for MSFS. Blackbox Simulation
California Classic Propliners Devoted to the beautiful classic airliners flying in and to California, from the DC-3 to the propliners. Many excellent aircraft models, panels, sounds and beautifully recreated era airports and scenery for FS9, FSX and P3D. California Classic Propliners
Captain Sim Payware, award-winning, highly detailed aircraft models for FS9, FSX and Prepar3D. Includes Legendary 727, 757, 767, & 707, F-104 "Starfighter", Space Shuttle. The 1011 Captain for Prepar3D4 released. Captain Sim
Carenado Carenado provide comprehensively accurate representations of Piper, Cessna and Beechcraft single engine aircraft. Payware and freeware with excellent and highly detailed textures & panels. For FSX, P3D & MSFS Carenado
Cera Sim Highly detailed payware models of three Bell helicopters for FSX and P3D. Includes UH60L Black Hawk,  Bell 222B and Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin. Cera Sim
Classic British Flight Sim The home of Classic British Freeware. Since 2001 the CBFS developers have been making free add-ons for for FS9 and FSX. Check out the forum for news of recent and upcoming releases. Classic British Flight Sim
CLS Commercial Level Simulations (CLS) started in 2005 by Albert Bouwman and Warren C. Daniel. Products includes Airbus packages A340/A330, Boeing 747 and the F117A NightHawk. For FS9 and FSX. CLS Commercial Level Simulations
CoolSky CoolSky is a any dedicated to producing innovative FSX and P3D flight simulation add-ons. Ultimate Airliners Super 80, Super 80 Pro. CoolSky
Deltasim Studio Watercraft to explore the FSX and P3D coastline and oceans. Freeware and payware accurate models of motor boats, sailing yachts, etc. The models have virtual cockpit, steering, panels, moving parts and custom gauges. Deltasim Studio
DM Flightsim Get the latest versions of David's BAC 1-11s, Vickers VC10s, Tridents, and DH Comets here for FS9 & FSX. Large range of liveries available. Downloads now hosted at HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) courtesy of Simviation DM Flightsim
Eaglesoft Development Group Team of dedicated designers, programmers and artists providing unique, premium quality aircraft at affordable pricing for FSX, FSX-SE and P3D. Many corporate and general models including Raytheon, Cessna and Cirrus. Eaglesoft Development Group
 Fenix Simulations Creators of a beautiful and advanced Airbus A320. Fenix Sim has assembled highly experienced and talented developers to produce a very high-fidelity simulation of a modern airliner in MSFS without compromise. Facebook...
Flight Sim Developers (FSD) Home page of a team of aircraft, panel and sound designers. Payware GA, military and bush aircraft including Cessnas, Pipers, Pilatus Porter, etc. for download. Also some military aircraft and avionics for FS9 and FSX. Flight Sim Developers (FSD)
Flight Simulations Designs FSX aircraft by Alejandro Rojas Lucena (Alrot's Design) and Brett Henderson. Includes Cessna Citation X, McDonnell-Douglas MD-83, Bonanza P35, Boeing 707, Saab 340. Cockpits for FSX default Boeings.  Flight Simulations Designs
Flightsim Squadron Fun and serious aircraft and scenery add-ons for MSFS. Includes Sci-Fi Star Wars craft, vintage and modern aircraft, space shuttle, Lego and fantasy models and hotair balloons. Free / Donation-ware.
flightsimlabs Their A320-X includes an animated external model, a complete 2D panel and a full 3D virtual cockpit, allowing the pilot an in-depth experience of this popular aircraft. For P3Dv4+. Their Concorde-X is no longer on sale. flightsimlabs
FlyByWire Simulations A community-driven group intent on increasing the realism of the MSFS A320NEO. With a Discord presence of 10,000, the team has released several updates for their A320NX via GitHub and announced an A380.
flysimware Developers of payware aircraft for FS9 and FSX. Aircraft include Learjet35A, Falcon 50, MU-2B-60, Cessna 441 and 402C Businessliner and Ercoupe 415C, a skydiver! Also some scenery. Facebook. flysimware
FS Aircraft Catalog This on-site-catalog is a user-filled database of aircraft add-ons for FSX and earlier. Contains brief details, download links and often a photo of the real-life aircraft type. Not being updated. FS Aircraft Catalog
FS Aircraft Dynamics & Navdata Aerodynamics and navigation freeware material and utilities designed by Hervé Sors for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Includes some aircraft data, airfile design links, documents and designer pages.  FS Aircraft Dynamics
FS Gliders Wolfgan Piper presents a massive selection of gliders from all eras for MSFS. Also has gliders as scenery objects and a photo gallery of the real things. German and English language. Wolfgan Piper's FS Gliders