Utilities G-Z
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Intrasystem CockpitStatus is a multifunction control and approach system cockpit instrument. Includes a precision approach system for any runway - not using frequencies. A virtual waypoint is created for any runway at a distance of 15nm aligned with the runway.
A useful, interesting interface for FS9 and FSX. Provides loads of settings for a quick launch of the sim in a whole range of customizable situations e.g. push back, approaches, failures, weather conditions. Check out the video.
Jacky Brouze Some excellent FSX freeware utilities by Jacky Brouze. Jacky is very protective of his JAB creations because in the past his work was badly pirated. Login required. French language.
Multi Crewe Experience Adds the missing elements, like crew coordination, interactive checklist reading, realistic ATC operation, call-outs and warnings against deviation from standards, as well as extras, like user interface voice control.
NXGN Simulations (pronounced next-gen) is a group developing Aircraft, Sceneries and Utilities for FS9, FSX and P3D. NXGN Livery Manager is a standalone payware utility application that interacts with all FS/P3D aircraft and has many useful features. NXGN Simulations
Home page of Flight Deck Companion, a payware product that adds audio enhancements to MSFS. Gives you Captain, co-pilot and cabin announcements, plus much, much more. Works with FSX. Also PFE - Proflight 2000 emulator.
 Pawkbun Developer of projectFLY Pilot Tools which gives pilots a VAS Monitor, OOM Warning Alerts, a landing rate monitor, and shows current local and Zulu time. Also FS Time Sync that ensures your sim time is kept in sync with your computer as closely as possible. pawkbun
Peter Dowson Utilities
This page, hosted by Schiratti.com, has the latest versions of Peter's essential FSUIPC and other useful MSFS utilities including WideFS and AdvDisp. Also checkout the separate support forums for announcements & support.
SIMconfigBackup is an excellent little program that will create backups of your important flight simulator configuration files. The same program can quickly restore complete backed up sets, or selected individual files. Works for FSX and P3D. simconfigbackup
 SIMstarter NG SIMstarter NG is the next generation, payware version of the free SIMstarter. Completely rewritten for FSX and P3D. You can create many custom launch profiles and combine a profile with any saved flight. Many other useful very options and functions. SIMstarter
 SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer Time Zone Fixer is an useful fix for flight simulator software and together with FS Real Time add-on will allow you to fly in FSX and P3D on accurate schedules same as the real world. SimElite Time Zone Fixer logo
Tweak FS A series of separate, useful, award winning programs to easily tweak MSFS flight plans, frame rates, any aircraft's flight characteristics and FX, and any aircraft's weight (fuel & passengers). Nicely designed. Special discounts on multi buys.
voiceChecklist is a small freeware stand-alone application to play back recorded checklists. The sound files can be recorded in the format wav, mp3 and ogg. Web site only contains download links for now. 
 & FS Earth
Home of WidevieW and other utilities by Luciano Napolitano. WidevieW is a payware utility that can be used to create virtual cockpits with multiple monitor support, using networked PCs. FS Earth acts as an interface with Google Earth.
Wolfgan Picheta's award-winning, very useful utility that fixes a huge list of annoying MSFS errors and allows easy edit (and undo) of all cfg files. German or English versions available for FS9 and FSX. Recommended for some quick and easy tweaking.