Also check out the Flight Deck Building page.
 Agronn Simulators, panels, display screens and cockpits. Cockpits are completely functional and replicate real aircraft, simulating all functions essential to normal procedures and producing true-to-life virtual flights. Also hardware for flight and car racing sims. Agronn
Computers (UK)
Specialise in supplying PC systems for the demanding area of Flight Simulation. Flight Systems are built in high quality cases with superior performance PSUs. Will also install and configure your flight simulation software for optimum performance. Alpine Computers
CH Products Manufacturer of a popular range of flight control yokes, throttle quadrants, rudder pedals, joysticks and multi-function gaming panel. FAQs and support. CH Products
CP Flight Nice bit of kit! For the serious simmer. Boeing 737 Mode Control (autopilot), backlit panel and separate, Boeing 737 EFIS Selector, and radio stack items. Also Airbus items and new 747 MCP with EICAS CP Flight
FlightSimPM Since 2011 FlightSimPM has focused on manufacturing high-quality flight simulator hardware like 737 throttle quadrant and 737 overhead panel. Also Boeing and Airbus style realistic add-on handles for Saitek throttles. Located in Italy and ship worldwide. FlightSimPM
FlightSimPM-UK UK-based re-seller of FlightSimPM (see above) Boeing and Airbus handles for Saitek throttles. Also throttle quadrant boxes in Boeing or Airbus colours to hold the throttles at a realistic angle, and other items. 
FS Force FS Force is an add-on module that provides dynamic force feedback effects in response to changing flight conditions, whether you're on the ground or in the air. Requires a force feedback joystick. Fully FSX compatible. FS Force
FSC Specialising in the integration and supply of customised, static flight simulators, as turnkey solution for training and entertainment purposes. Also quality single products like servo assisted/motorized throttle quadrants, yokes and pedals. FSC
GoFlight Home of GF-AC modules, designed to be an affordable and expandable way to create a home or desktop cockpit. Modules plug into your PC with USB connections. Includes throttles, control modules and rudder pedals and GF-MCP-PRO Airliner Autopilot. GoFlight
Jetline Systems design and build fast PC systems specifically engineered to handle the needs of intense simulation programs like Microsoft FSX and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. Based in the US and ship only to USA and Canada. Jetline Systems
 JetMax JetMax by Flightdeck Solutions Ltd. is designed to appeal to the thousands of flight simulation enthusiasts who are currently ‘flying a desk’ and want to push forward into a more immerse experience using something that looks and feels more realistic. JetMax
Komodo Simulations Designer and supplier of the Virtual Blade Helicopter Flight Control System simulator rig, and the ProStart, a fully working helicopter collective control that is based on the B206 JetRanger and operates in the same way as its real world counterpart. Komodo
(@ Avsim)
LINDA (Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning) is a software interface designed to help make your HID Device/Joystick assigning as simple as possible. Specific aircraft modules available. 32 and 64 bit. Supports VRInsight MCP.
Novatech UK-based supplier of home, office & gaming PCs, laptops and hundreds of computer components including high performance video cards, motherboards, RAM, cooling systems. Next day delivery available. Includes a range of flight simulator PCs. Novatech
Precision Flight Controls More nice kit! High quality yokes and pedals, cockpits, accessories and more. Precision Flight Controls
Psychsoftpc If you're in the USA and looking for a high end PC to give you that edge, Psychsoftpc supplies the Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC, for the virtual flying enthusiast. Also supply high end office and graphic work PCs. Psychsoftpc
Saitek Saitek gaming peripherals include flight control throttle and stick systems, joysticks, keyboards, panels & pedals. On-line store. Now owned by Logitech. Alternative software: SPAD (Saitek Panels Advanced Driver) and  Spad.next The Stickworks
 Sky Fantasy An unpowered basic motion flight simulator that duplicates the motion of a flying machine without hydraulics. It uses pressure on the control stick to upset the balance forcing the seat into the desired attitude and links this to your PC and screens. Sky Fantasy
 Support Instrumentation Limited UK suppliers of high performance, custom flight sim PC's individually built to order and optimised to deliver every ounce of power. Options include single or multiple graphics cards, stable overclocking and extended, high end, air or water cooling systems. Support Instrumentation Ltd
Information, advice and utilities for improved use of some old joysticks and controllers with FSX and previous versions of MSFS running on earlier versions of Windows. The information may now be out of date.
 Throttletek Throttletek (establish in 2009) offers great USB plug and play replica backlit throttle hardware at the best possible prices! Designed and tested by real airline pilots. Boeing 737, Boeing 767, Airbus A320, Embraer E190 and Learjet 45 throttles avaialble.
Thrustmaster Manufacturers of the original HOTAS Cougar™ throttle and stick, and other force feedback joysticks, steering wheels and control pads.
 Virtual-Fly Products include solo and dual flight panels in various configurations, ' Yoko' yoke and pedals, and the OVO-04, a unique full motion general aviation flight simulator. Site is in Spanish and English. VirtualFly
Volair Sim  Flight sim open-frame cockpit featuring factory pre-drilled mounting locations for all of the Saitek Pro Flight accessories. Fully-adjustable steel frame and genuine car racing seat with recline. Mounts for single or triple monitors. Also for racing/driving sims. Volair logo
VRInsight Manufacturers of flight sim hardware including a large range of hardware flight panels, radio stacks and components for heavies and general aviation. Their products are available from various suppliers worldwide. VRInsight