Environment - SkyTextures, Weather, Water, Fire, Lights, Stars and Shading
 Home of 3D Lights REDUX aircraft lighting system which casts realistic light out into 3D space, creating stunning visuals and a more immersive flying experience. Installs to default and third party add-on aircraft. For FS2004 & FSX.
Cielosim Producers of Flight Enhancer and Instant Enhancer for FS9 which improve many of the original texture and effects. Also Live ATC Chatter. Airport Enhancer HDX for FSX to improve runways, taxiways, marking and signs, grass, wet and other textures. cielosim
 Chris Bell
Home to environment add-ons for FSX, FSX Steam Edition and P3D. Includes country-specific night environments, Stargazer and Black Marble and Blue Marble whole world environments with vector improvements. On-line shop, forums, gallery and videos. Chris Bell Studio
 CumulusX! CumulusX! by Peter Lürkens, creates a thermal environment in FSX for virtual gliding. It creates thermal lift with appropriate clouds either on the fly with a wide variety of characteristics, or based on customised lists of thermals. Also other glider utilities.
by Toga Projects
Payware texture enhancement addon offering a new immersion level to FS9, FSX and Prepar3d with high quality textures and effects. Developed with FPS & VAS in mind. Highly customizable for best performances. Sun, moon, water, clouds and much more. Eventex
 FireFighter X This addon app is not mission-based, but instead puts you in a completely dynamic scenery environment, where fires live and grow, are aware of weather and generate updrafts. And you can test your skills at actually putting them out using any aircraft. Firefighter X
 FSFXPackages PrecipitFX is a set textures and effects that completely revamp contrails, rain and snow textures and also improve wheel spray and engine wash effects.  'Immersion' packages tailored for specific popular Boeing 737, 777 and Airbus A320 models also available. FSFXPackages
FS Global Real Weather FS Global Real Weather is an easy to use, weather engine with a simple, clean interface for FSX, FS9 and P3D. Delivers weather calculated from 24,000 land- and sea-based real world stations. Also calculates air masses and temperatures for upper air levels.
FS Meteo Interfaces with all versions of MSFS, CS2 and Prepar3D, detects where the plane is, reads the weather from the Internet and modifies the weather parameters. Weather gauges also available. Shareware. FS Meteo version 9 released. Demo available.
FSrealWX Weather add-on for FS9, FSX, P3D and X-Plane. It decodes METAR and upper wind data (additional weather information such as types of clouds are in preparation) and sends it to the flight simulator.
FSXWX A weather engine that depicts the real live weather as close as it gets, taking into account the 'immersion factor' and quirks of FSX/P3D. Thus, you can expect that the results are not only accurate but also depicted in a way that looks beautiful! FSXWX
(Active Sky Next)
Home of Active Sky Next (ASN), designed specifically for FSX and P3D. Also Active Sky 2012 and Active Sky Evolution for FSX and FS9. Features include smooth visual cloud transitions, dynamic processing, and an accurate weather radar display.
Night Environment
by Chris Bell
A series of commercial add-ons for FSX & P3D. Using various databases they add thousands of lights to roads and other areas. Visual navigation at night becomes a real option. Individual country and area packs for Europe, parts of the USA and elsewhere. Night Environment
 Open Clouds A weather programe that improves the look of cloud and fog coverage in FSX and extends the distance views of clouds. Also works with Rex textures, and Prepar3d. Free for UK coverage, small change for the rest of the world.
Interface for FSX and Prepar3D with Live Weather Engine for real world weather, Live Camera for view control & dynamic head movements, & Live View for synchronized multi-screen networked displays. Weather map. Payware with demo version available.
Real Environment Xtreme (REX) is a weather engine and enhanced HD cloud, water, runway, and other textures for FSX & P3D. The popular new REX4 'Direct' products separates the textures and the weather engine and provides a simpler front end.
 Ultimate Realism Pack Under development for P3D, to include presets for PTA Tool/ReShade v3 (see below) and a set of custom sky and sun glow textures. Ultimate Realism Pack
Zinertek Technologies Producers of Ultimate Night Environment, World Environment Pro, Ultimate Water, & Ultimate Airport Environment for FS9, and the new HD Airport Graphics for FSX and Prepar3D. These sceneries enhance the night, day and airport textures worldwide.
 FXAA Tool FXAA Tool injects different post processing methods to FSX, like anti-aliasing, sharpening, bloom, color tone. Its anti-aliasing process is done with virtual no impact on system performance. Comes with its own easy to use GUI. Last updated 2012
 PTA (new, payware from SimTweaks) An improved and expanded, commercial version of PTA (coming soon)... Friendly interface allows separate visual adjustment of lighting (aircraft and terrain), sky, clouds, atmosphere and water, along with other setting and tweaks. SimTweaks PTA
Reshade An advanced, post-processing injector for games and video developed by crosire. Can add or improve ambient occlusion, real depth of field effects, color correction and more. reShade allows you to tweak "live" and compare settings in real time. reShade
at Guru3D.com
SweetFX can apply post-processing shader effects to FSX and P3D to add anti-aliasing, sharpening & colour tweaks. SweetFX GUI Configurator. Avsim Forum Thread. Also checkout for P3D RealismShaderPack (NOT for 3.3).
 SweetFX Settings DB Comprehensive database listing SweetFX presets for loads of games incluing Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D - several presets for both. SweetFX DB