Head-Tracking Utilities
Cachya Cachya is real time head tracking software. It analyzes the output from a regular webcam to look for a unique sign on user's hat, and determines head position and movement. No specialized hardware or wiring LEDs.
This free software tracks your head movement using face recognition techniques to let you look around your VC using only a webcam. No need to wear any hat, attachment or headset. Works with FS2002, 2004 and FSX and other games.
Free Track Freetrack is a free software similar to TrackIR which, utilising your web-cam, makes it possible to simulate head movements in your sim to increase realism and immersion. Site includes instructions for home-building the hardware.
 Tobii EyeX From Sweded comes Tobii EyeX, an eye tracking system that can also use the biometric security features of Windows 10. Works with many games and programs. Views, menu items and options can be activated simply by looking at them on screen. tobiieyex
 TrackHat TrackHat and TrackHat Clip bring great, low cost head tracking to your favourite games. They have a range of peripherals. Wireless or wired, clip or cap, there is a head tracker for everyone. Compatible with FSX, P3D and 100s of others. Facebook page TrackHat
(Natural Point)
Take your flight simulator experience to a new level of realism. With TrackIR just a turn, or tilt, or nod of your head changes your realistic pilot's view of the world outside. TrackClip accessory gives extra precise tracking. On-line store.
 Virtual Reality
 Fly Inside FlyInside lets you take to the skies in virtual reality by making three popular flight simulators work with virtual reality goggles. You'll feel as if you're really flying an airplane from the comfort of your desk. Fly Inside logo
Oculus Oculus VR hardware radically redefines digital entertainment. Immerse yourself in games or go inside your favorite movies. Time travel, space travel, or hang out with friends in VR. Oculus logo
Vive Once you put on the Vive headset, you’re immersed in a world full of surprises. Walk around freely and explore everything–the Chaperone guidance system keeps you within the bounds of your play area. Stunning graphics make it feel so real and surreal. Vive logo
Cameras, Recorders, Video and Screenshot Capture
AntiCyclonE Home of Active Camera module by Andy Newman and Serge Baye that enables a configurable "fly by" view in FS2002 & FS2004. Includes internal and visual inspection views. New features for FS2004. Shareware.
 Chaseplane A modern, payware, camera system for FSX & P3D. Control your camera angles and create cinematic moments with a new camera application for your simulator. Currently in development, an Alpha version is availabe now, but is an unfinished product. ChasePlane
EZDOK Camera Addon (EZCA) Payware camera manager that enhances view control in Flight Simulator for more convenient navigation. It also incorporates visual effects of accelerations and turbulence for more life-like views. Version 2 avaiable via this forum thread.
Fraps Realtime Video Capture Software and Screen Capture Software. Fraps can capture audio and video up to 2560x1600 and take a screenshot with the press of a key. Your screen captures are automatically named and timestamped.
FS Recorder FS Recorder is an addon module for FS2004 and FSX, which can record flights, save them to files and play them back like the FS instant replay and flight video recorder, but with a lot more features.
FS SmartView For FS2004. Modifies the behaviour of mouse wheel & buttons, as well as keys, adding intelligent and easier view rotation and zoom. Change your eye point, looking towards any direction, through natural movements of the mouse or keys.
FS9 Toolbox
(from Simscape)
FS9 Toolbox brings FSX-type features to FS2004: a VC camera that lets you move freely in your aircraft, a fly-by camera that will let you see your aircraft flying like never before, and a new, much nicer and efficient Aircraft Selector.
Gunnar's Flight Sim Page Clever, useful and interesting software utilities for FS9 (FS Camera) and for FSX. Includes Maps2BLG, Wheelcam, SimPicShot and Weather Engine.
Hyperionics Payware HyperSnap does easy full screen, window or region screen capture - saving and naming at every click. Perfect for help files and manuals. HyperCam 2, video capture software that records AVI movies directly from your monitor is now free.
JFlightLog A java application to keep track of your flights and screenshots in FlightSimulator 2004. Has a graphical user interface and lets you import aircraft, flightplan, distance and more directly from savegames.
 Lorby SI
Position X)
Payware CameraPosition X is used to define & edit camera definitions in aircraft.cfg & cameras.cfg. Many useful features. For FSX & P3D. Lorby also produce FireFighter X - fire simulator & aerial fire fighting, and CropDuster X (under development). Lorby
OpusFSI is a FSX or P3D interface for single or networked PCs. Features 'Live View' synchronized, multi-screen display, 'Live Camera' for the creation and control of FSX cameras and live weather and weather/wind direction map.
SimpleCam SimpleCam from AivlaSoft, allows you to easily define 10 custom camera positions within the Virtual Cockpit (VC) FSX, FSX-SE and P3D. SimpleCam allows you to store one position on each on your keyboard's numpad keys 0-9. Trial version available. AivlaSoft
Snapper Snapper makes it easy to take screenshots. Every time you press the 'Print Screen' button it will save a JPG image of the screen to your hard disk. It can also automatically overlay the position of the aircraft on the JPG.